The Heirloom Threads Story



Our brand story

At Heirloom Threads, we scour the world for vintage fabrics, and long-forgotten textiles, and vintage embellishments. These get a new lease of life as unique, one-of-a-kind Heirloom Threads clutches.

The enterprise co-founders are also deeply involved in every step of the design and production process– from scouring the world for vintage fabrics, scrutinising embellishments for each unique clutch to designing and refining each bag’s structure.

Each Heirloom Threads clutch has a story to tell of its textile's rich cultural heritage and has a tale to pass on. It is our hope that our customers can fall in love with beautiful embroidery and textiles once more and have heirloom clutches that they can pass on to the next generation.

Our social mission

1. Heirloom Threads is a socially responsible label that is very concerned about the environmental and human impact that it makes. We transform rare or vintage fabrics forgotten by time into modern bags that take on new leases of life.

Every step of our supply chain reflects the ethical conscience of our label– every clutch is produced in Singapore, supporting local businesses and talented individuals. Nothing is mass produced or produced in excess. We are strong advocates of ethical, sustainable fashion, and this is reflected in our production process and the high quality of the workmanship in creating timeless, one of a kind pieces that can transcend time and fashion trends.

2. As a social enterprise, our aim is to fund educational programmes or resources that help children from disadvantaged homes get a leg up in school, so that they are empowered by education to do well in school, despite their circumstances.

The Water from the Well programme: Subsidises the cost of school books and other resources at the beginning of the school year for children from disadvantaged homes.

The Social Threads programme: Funds learning support programmes and other enrichment activities for children from disadvantaged homes to get them curious, up to speed and excited about lifelong learning, with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty.